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Award Scheme FAQs

Award Scheme - FAQ's

What awards are available for my child to work towards?

Each section (Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) has an Award scheme.  Go to the Awards for Youth page to find out what awards are available for the section that your child is in.

What is the Queen's Scout Award?

The Queen's Scout Award is the highest youth award in SCOUTS New Zealand.  It is one of New Zealand's most recognisable youth awards.

The Queen's Scout Award is available only for those who have reached the highest standards and have completed the three previous levels making up the Venturer Award Scheme.  It includes completing modules on road safety, environmental awareness, personal development and community service.

Please go to Resources for application forms and more information about this award.

How do I get my Wood Beads?

Wood Beads and Gilwell scarf are presented on successful completion of the adult Leader Training Scheme. There are also optional opportunities for the gaining of nationally recognised qualifications to complement this training.

Please refer to the Leader Training page for more information.

When would someone be likely to receive either the Gallantry or Meritorious Conduct awards?

Awards for Gallantry are granted for acts of gallantry where there has been considerable risk and in those circumstances where there has been special heroism or extraordinary risk most probably involving loss of life.

Awards for Meritorious Conduct are granted in those circumstances which may not have involved risk of life, but where courage, endurance, initiative or devotion to duty have been displayed and often under suffering.

What is the highest award in Scouting for Adults?

The Silver Tui is the highest award for services of an outstanding character to adults that have provided exceptional and distinguished service to Scouting. This award recognises people who inspire others and promote Scouting and its values to their community and/or at a Zone, Regional or National level.