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Awards for Adults

Awards for Adults

SCOUTS New Zealand appreciates the work and committment that its many volunteers, both leaders and lay supporters, make for the youth members in Scouting.

Appreciation is shown in many ways from the smiles and enthusiasm shown by the youth members during and after the many and varied activities to the more formal certificates, badges and awards.

Certificates, badges and awards include: -

  • Thanks Badge
  • Appreciation Certificate
  • Service Award
  • Medal of Merit
  • Bronze Tiki
  • Silver Tiki
  • Silver Tui
  • Life Member
  • Distinguished Service Award

Awards are also made for Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct

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2018 Nomination Process for Adult Special Service Awards

This year the nomination process has changed from paper forms to an online form. Once the nomination period closes the nominations will then be sent to the appropriate people to approve (Group Leaders, Zone Leaders and RDM's).

Special Service Awards recognise an outstanding contribution made by an adult to Scouting. This contribution may be over a period of time or recognise a particular achievement or noteworthy project. Special Service Awards may be made for both uniformed and non-uniformed service. It is expected that to qualify for these awards individuals will show high levels of capability.

How to Nominate:

To complete a nomination all you need to do is follow the link, read the awards criteria, enter your contact details, the details of the nominee, choose which award you are recommending and provide some feedback on why they are being nominated.

The awards criteria has not changed, only the way in which you submit the applications. We have chosen to change this for several reasons including; to make it easier for the Nominator (no printing, writing and having to pass the form on), to make it easier for Group Leaders and Zone Leaders to approve the applications and to have a clear view of who has been nominated, to remove the ability for paper applications getting lost along the way and finally to reduce the chance of administration errors.

Anyone can nominate a volunteer for a Special Service Award. Nominations are now open and will close 31 October 2018.

>> Click here for the Award Nomination Form